Funeral Homes are Expensive. 

You have options!

More options than you may realize.


and not leaving a burden for those who love you

Leave a Legacy of Love

with Planning for a Good Death - User's Guide and Workbook

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Workbook is a fillable PDF file that can be printed or saved on your desktop

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Leaving important end of life decisions to chance

or for others to guess, at a time that is highly emotional for them is 

not a good plan.

It could get expensive real fast and cause a lot of unnecessary stress and confusion.

Planning for a Good Death - User's Guide and Workbook

is for people like you who...

Want to Leave a Legacy of Love

Ease a burden for those you love by setting out clear instructions about how to care for you when you can't speak for yourself.  

Don't Know Where to Start

You don't have a will or other important documents that outline your wishes and desires based on your values and what is important to you.

Want a Unique Sendoff

You lived a unique life worthy celebrating it in your unique style. 

Are caring for a loved one

who doesn't have anything in place to help you make decisions about their care or know how to talk to them about it. 

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This practical and easy to use set of books 

provide tips and explain what is possible to

help you complete your plans

Everything you need to make important decisions will be right here at your fingertips.  

Find out what you need to know to complete your instructions for your:

* Advanced Personal Care Directive

* Will

* Care for Your Body

* Clebration of Life

* And more!

"They" say the death of a Loved One will bring out 

either the best or the worst in people. 

Hi, my name is Roxanne Walsh

My mother died without clear end of life plans in place, or a legally valid will.  On top of the grief I was already going through, the lack of a will sent my life into chaos.  

According to the law where she lived and died, I was the only legal heir. 

I assumed everything would be fairly straight forward and easy to manage.  

Boy was I WRONG!

Since my mother died without a valid will, members of her family were able to contest the law.  Little did I know at the time this would change my life forever.

The process took seven years to complete, included four lawyers and a bill of over $16,000. I had to move across the country to deal with all the legal in's and outs that ensued all because a simple valid will did not exist.

All of this could have been avoided if my mom had made a proper will.

Unfortunately, she is not alone.  Since her death I have learned that 50-60% of North Americans do not have a valid will.  Of those that have a will in place, many are not up to date and may, in fact, be invalid.  

Having been through the highs (and mostly the lows), of going through the legal system to take care of a single bank account, I decided to help others avoid the expense and the pitfalls of not planning for a certain eventuality - death - either yours or someone you love

What people are saying:

Shannon Calvert
End of Life Navigation

"I find Roxanne's Planning for a Good Death guide (and Workbook) to be very useful and recommend it."

Yvonne Heath
Speaker, Author,TV/Radio Host

“Your book and guide are great resources."

Teresa Verkley
Be Prepared End of Life Coaching

"Your workbook is awesome.  It is very in depth and well thought out."

Elizabeth Brown
Halifax, Nova Scotia

“I purchased your guide book and I love it.” 

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