• Don’t leave a burden for those who love you by not leaving instructions for them to follow
  • Don’t go into debt to pay for an overpriced funeral
  • Create a meaningful experience and leave a legacy of love

Planning for a Good Death – User’s Guide and Workbook

How these books will help you:


Planning for end-of-life can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.  These books guide you through exactly what you need to do.  


Completing your end-of-life documents provides clear instructions so those who love you don’t have to struggle figuring out what to do, when you are not there to guide them. 


Those who love you will want to  gather to celebrate your life.  Help them say goodbye by providing plan for them to have a space and place to express their love for you.  They will want to honour the unique life you lived and how you touched their hearts.


Lawyers are optional and no one should have to go into debt or bankruptcy to say goodbye.  It is unlikely the funeral home will tell you all of your options.  Find out what they are in these books.  


What you'll find inside:

Step by Step Instructions

It is easy to complete your Advance Care / Personal Directive, your Will and other important directions with step by step instructions.

Inventories and Finances

Even if you don't own much, you need to make decisions about what gets done with it. Easily list what you own and make clear plans with the information.

Define Quality of Life

You'll take a deep dive to define the difference between quality of life and quantity of life, based on your values and when you would choose one over the other. Advance Care / Personal Directive form included.

Heart Matters

An opportunity to explore ways to send your final messages of love to those you care about the most.

List Who to Call and When

Make it easier for your delegate and your executor to contact the people that care for you and that need to know your condition and your wishes.

Life Review

Capture your personal stories of wisdom, insight and humour. Sharing your stories will help those who love you remember the times you touched their lives in your unique way.


See why others love the books!

Hi, my name is Roxanne Walsh.

I help people plan for end-of-life while they still can and help them avoid what happened to me.

My mother died without clear end of life plans in place, or a legally valid will.  On top of the grief I was already going through, the lack of a will sent my life into chaos.  

According to the law where she lived and died, I was the only legal heir. 

I assumed everything would be fairly straight forward and easy to manage.  

Boy was I WRONG!

Since my mother died without a valid will, members of her family were able to contest the law.  Little did I know at the time this would change my life forever.

The process took seven years to complete, included four lawyers and a bill of over $16,000. I had to move across the country to deal with all the legal in’s and outs that ensued all because a simple valid will did not exist.

All of this could have been avoided if my mom had made a proper will.

Unfortunately, she is not alone.  Since her death I have learned that 50-60% of North Americans do not have a valid will.  Of those that have a will in place, many are not up to date and may, in fact, be invalid.  

Having been through the highs (and mostly the lows), of going through the legal system to take care of a single bank account, I decided to help others avoid the expense and the pitfalls of not planning for a certain eventuality – death – either yours or someone you love.

Roxanne Walsh is an author, researcher, end-of-life educator, and certified funeral celebrant.  She is also a Commissioner for Oaths in Alberta and serves on the board for the Green Burial Council International as a director of education . 


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you will be given an option to purchase printed copies before you complete your purchase at the checkout.  The cost is an additional $20 + shipping.  (only avalialbe in Canada.)

Please contact me for bulk orders.

Yes, the guide will provide information to help fill in the workbook.  Once the workbook is completed it makes drafting a will and other end of life documents a lot easier.   

Yes, an Advance Care Directive form is located in the appendix of the workbook.  Once it is filled out and signed, it is a legal document.

Anyone can write a legal will.  Hiring a lawyer is optional.  There are certain benefits to hiring a lawyer, depending on the complexity of your estate plans.  

Yes, you can contact me with this linkI am happy to help.  🙂

Don't leave a huge burden at a time the people you love are struggling to adjust to life without you.

Stop procastinating and get your plans done!