Canada Day

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While many were taking in the Canada Day Festivities, I too celebrated in a more unconventional way. I wasn’t alone, there were others too.

I visited the graves of Sir Charles Tupper, and Sir John Thompson, former prime Ministers of Canada, and the grave of Robert Stanfield, another notable Nova Scotian and someone who very much contributed to human comfort. Underwear.

I overheard a young couple near the grave of the founder of Alexander Keith’s beer, who I guessed to be in their late twenties, discussing with excitement their thoughts of spreading their ashes as part of a pyrotechnics (fireworks) event.

I think, as we start having more conversations about Death, we’ll discover a deeper interest in some very creative life tributes and send offs, that will re-inspire how we honour our Dead. There is no need to “fear the reaper.”

Last Modified on July 19, 2016
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