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This is how people die – DVD Trailer

In non-medical terminology, Barbara addresses the normal dying process from the months before to the moment of death.

Planning a Home Funeral – Canadian Virtual Hospice

Information and support on palliative and end of life care, loss and grief.

Take Me Home -Home Funeral & Death Midwifery

Death Midwife Rev. Olivia Bareham ensures Dorothy’s final wishes for her after-death are carried out – these include a three-day vigil at home and dancing around her body at the funeral.

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Take Me Home





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Home Funeral

Follow a family that takes charge of the after-death care of their loved one by having the funeral in a home setting.

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Family transporting their Loved one





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A Family Undertaking

“The home funeral movement challenges us to re-examine our attitudes toward death,” says director and producer Elizabeth Westrate. “We will all face death sooner or later; it’s one of life’s most defining moments, yet it’s the one we typically prepare for least. I wanted to explore this movement and its growing impact on our culture of denial.”

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A Family Undertaking





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Beyond Goodbye

“BEYOND GOODBYE” is a shorter version of our film “REMEMBERING JOSH” which records the life of our son Josh, as it was remembered at his funeral early in 2011.It is intended for a wider audience and will have value for all those who are recently bereaved as well as anyone interested in healing power of creating a funeral ritual without recourse to conventional undertakers
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