Other Resources

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)

Anyone can learn the skills to help save a life from suicide.

The Lifeline Canada Foundation

The guides, toolkits and resources throughout this site represent a compilation of suicide prevention resources from various sources across the Globe

Canada Obituaries

Canadian War History Tours

To stand at the grave of a relative who fought is powerful.

Give a Mile

The Gift of One Final Goodbye. Every Mile Donated Reaches A Family In Need.

Bereavement Registry

Helping to stop unwanted direct mail and phone calls to the deceased. (Canada)

Canadian Integrative Network For Death Education and Alternatives (CINDEA)

A Canadian-based organization, which respects the wisdom of ancient death traditions and encourages the renewal of older death practices that are appropriate to our modern-day life.

The Cohousing Directory

The data for the Cohousing Directory is maintained by the Fellowship of Intentional Communities as part of the Communities Directory at http://www.ic.org/directory. Coho/US makes no representations or warranties, nor do we confirm the accuracy of any listing; we primarily rely on self-reporting.

LoBe London Berlin

An artist’s community with a greater range of ages, like a village in a building, in process in Berlin.