Some BIG news!

Hello from snowy Alberta!

This may come as a bit of a surprise to some of you, not all of you, that I have moved across this great country yet again, returning to Alberta.

It took seven years to complete the matters related to my Mother’s estate, with a final court date of September 17, 2018!  It was pretty simple and straightforward once I got it on track, but it has been a very lengthy, at times very frustrating and most definitely, an expensive process.

My Mom died without a Will, which required me to move back to the province of my birth, to settle the matter, as trying to do it from Alberta for two years prior to my move was getting me nowhere.

I did not anticipate I would return to Alberta once I established myself and my business in Nova Scotia, but it would seem the Mystery of Life had a hand in bringing me back to Alberta.  I marked a month yesterday since I arrived. I did not see this coming, and it took a lot of quick action to make this move happen.  This explains my long absence from my commitment to writing a monthly blog.  My apologies for being “MIA.”

Things should be getting back on track now.  🙂

I have another announcement to make, and that is I have been awarded a Wise 50 over 50 award.

The announcement came out today. This is a national award.  Please check out the other recipients of this award as well.

I am now offering my services as Funeral Celebrant in the Calgary and surrounding area.

As for end of life education and guidance, this is still being offered online.  Contact me when you are ready to dive in. 

Of course the books “Planning for a Good Death, User’s Guide and Workbook” are also available as a downloadable pdf for those keen to do it yourself.  The workbook is a fillable pdf.

Please do not put off getting your affairs in writing.  I can tell you from experience, it is guaranteed to be costly in so many ways for those who love you.

I look forward to seeing what unfolds between now and when the next blog comes out. I still have some settling in to do and some work to get done.

Until then, be well!




4 thoughts on “Some BIG news!

  1. Judyann Niemi

    LUCKY US– I always felt that you would be back.
    It only feels like you have been away for a year.
    Judyann and Bob

  2. Roxanne

    Thanks, Judyann. 🙂 The concept of time is interesting to be sure! You weren’t the only one who felt that I would return too Alberta, however there are now people in Nova Scotia who feel I will return there too….Guess life will unfold as it will. LOL

  3. Lynn

    All the best to you in Alberta. We will miss you at CWB.

  4. Roxanne

    Thanks Lynn. I miss being in Nova Scotia…no doubt about it!

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