Suicide is Preventable

All death by suicide is a heavy burden to bear for the survivors who are left to wonder “Why?”  It leaves many questions unanswered, and it causes a lot of internal turmoil searching for the answers to the question of “What if?”

All humans are vulnerable to the pressures of trying to meet spoken and unspoken demands that exceed our capacities.  It’s a reality in our modern world.  At times this pressure can be immense, no one is immune.

Physicians are also vulnerable as we see in this article: “It’s time to recognize and prevent the tragedy of physician suicide.”

Please reach out if you are having difficulties in your life.  Reach out to friends, to family, or to professionals.  There is a lot of help available to you.  Do not carry your burdens alone.

Here are some Canadian resuicidesources:  or in most communities, dial 911

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