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Planning for a Good Death – User’s Guide and Workbook


“Your Workbook is awesome.  It is very in depth and well thought out.” – Teresa Verkley, Muskoka, Ontario

“Roxanne’s books led me into some VERY relevant and thought-provoking questions – to prepare not just for death – but disability – ie – it’s not just the ”Will”, but the stuff that takes years to figure out if not addressed ahead of time…Questions I thought were important that I’d never thought about!   Roxanne was very helpful in guiding me through the process. “ –  Betsy Mustard, Calgary, Alberta

“I purchased the book ‘Planning a Good Death’ by Roxanne Walsh and I’m so glad I did! End of life is a topic that isn’t openly discussed enough in our society and I so appreciate the tools that Roxanne has created to help all of us who will have to face this topic with loved ones or in a professional capacity. She expertly guides the reader through everything you need to think about and the book/workbook combination are very thorough. It is also ideal just for anyone who wants to get their life organized as the worksheets will help you do that! I highly recommend it!” – Rosanne Burke, Certified Dementia Trainer, Dartmouth, NS

“I appreciate how much heart and soul  you’ve put into this guide –  thank you for helping  me clarify what really matters to me and making things easier for everyone when I leave.”   Janis Kirker Calgary

“Your books are excellent!! They are very professional and well researched.” – Anne Lossing – El Remate, Peten, Guatemala.

End of Life Planning

“What you are offering is super unique!”  – Amy Lewis, Healthpreneur Group, Killington, Vermont, USA

“Roxanne offers a very important service. End of life planning isn’t something anyone wants to talk about,, but as someone who’s had to have difficult conversations with a loved one a the worst possible time, I know how important it is to think and talk about this stuff when you’re well. Roxanne is warm, kind, and brings a great deal of knowledge and understanding to her work. She’s also funny – which I really appreciate!” – Erin Casey, Halifax, NS

“I have come to know Roxanne as someone who appreciates life and the dignity of death. She has helped me prepare for my Celebration of Life and burial wishes so when the time comes, my family will not be burdened with making tough decisions at such an emotional time. I immensely enjoyed working with Roxanne and felt her understanding, patience, and unbiased guidance throughout the entire process. She is knowledgeable in the laws and regulations for burial, and can provide many unique alternatives to traditional practices. I was very surprised at how detailed my plan was, and it demonstrates her ability to truly listen to her clients and capture their wishes. I highly recommend Roxanne to assist you or your family members in preparing for end of life in a personal and meaningful process.” – Sandra Currie-Samson, Adult Educator/Business Owner, Halifax, NS

“Roxanne’s insightful and respectful planning process made the daunting task of dealing with details surrounding my end days a beautiful thing.” – Peter Davison, public speaker, author, Bedford, Nova Scotia

“Roxanne is very compassionate, and kind when assisting in end of life planning.” – Cathy Giordani, Accountant, Owner of Accounting Plus Consulting Inc, Dartmouth, NS

“Roxanne is a warm and intelligent person, an excellent, sensitive listener. She brings compassion and just the right touch of humour to one of life’s most difficult situations.” – Margo Grant, 2 in One Communications, Haifax, NS

“Thanks to Roxanne and her mentoring- my wishes and information are in place for my family. This has been an amazing gift to myself as well as in immeasurable gift of love to my family.” – Joan Desilets, Ingramport, Nova Scotia

Funeral Celebrant

“Roxanne, interviewed family members and created a presentation that faithfully captured my spouse. It was complemented by tributes from both family and friends and left me feeling that it was everything that my spouse deserved. Those who attended have commented that it was a beautiful service, that Roxanne spoke very well and that my spouse would be proud. Thanks again so much for being available and for being there for us.” -Cheryl Leyton, Halifax, NS

“Roxanne, your professionalism, warmth and sensitivity with a side of gentle humour shone through at our friend’s partner’s Celebration of Life. Although we did not know him well the stories shared by his family and friends allowed us the privilege of learning how much he meant to so many. With your guidance the service captured his spirit and obviously touched everyone present. We have been blessed to have crossed paths with you.” – Dan & Beth, Boutilier’s Point, NS

“Roxanne, thanks for your compassionate and insightful talk at the memorial service for my Dad.” – Diane Smeltzer, Halifax, NS


“Roxanne delivered her presentation with thoughtfulness and honesty, given the sensitive nature of the topic of End of Life Choices. The seniors at Melville Heights were impressed with the information they received during the presentation and from the discussion that followed.” – Lori Cormier / Recreation Director / Melville Heights Halifax, Nova Scotia

About Roxanne

“Roxanne is passionate about helping families find healthier and more meaningful ways of meeting death.” – Sarah Kerr, Soulpassages, Calgary, AB

“Roxanne takes the uncomfortable topic of death out of the realm of fear and into a space of deeper personal understanding. Her ability to focus on the ‘footprints’ we leave brings me much peace. I highly recommend anyone looking to take the lead on their legacy to invest in one of her workshops or services.” – Alison Knott, Halifax, NS

“Roxanne is a person who listens openly and hears what the person is conveying on an emotional level and seeks verification of the feeling. This is a rare and beautifully gifted woman.” Susan Larder, New Ross, Nova Scotia

“Good thoughts that put some colour back into the art of dying well. They also inspire reflection.” Heather Gillis, Longview, AB

“My mom in law died at home with us a few weeks ago and we got to spend some time with her in her room before the barrage of coroner, transporters, etc and it was nice. I realized that at one time in my life I was terrified of death and being near a dead body. Now again I realize how much more intimate and personal it is to do it the way you suggested and have that connection to and share the act of death. It is an intimacy only few experience.” – Dawn Josey, Enfield, NS

“Roxanne Walsh offers a unique view and service for our end of life celebration/funeral. Her good sense of humour, empathy, and clarity make this part of our life easier. ” – Jacqueline Steudler, Healing for Grieving Hearts, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“I had read your blog shortly before heading out this evening to a visitation for a wonderful 27 year old man (my son’s friend, whom we also got to know well) . He died tragically. Your words gave me the courage to step up to the open coffin then go directly to his mom (whom I did not know) and have a cry with her as one mom to another. Thank you.” – name withheld to protect privacy, Halifax, NS