Workshop: Grief Rituals

It is never too late to grieve a loss, whether it is for a loved one or some other life defining moment.

One way to know if you need something “more,” is to notice if there is an event that has happened that you feel on the inside, is not yet complete. Ways to recognize this would be noticing if there is:

  • “niggling” feeling when you think of someone or an event from the past. An example might be an abortion, or a “lost” relationship due to a miscommunication or misunderstanding. Or you didn’t get a chance to say goodbye the way you wanted to.
  • there is something you want to talk to others about but you worry they don’t want to hear about it “again.” An example might be you are struggling with an illness and loss that can come with it.
  • there is something you are wrestling with that you feel no one else would understand. An example of this might be that you may be having an experience of feeling the presence of a loved one, and you’re not sure what it means.

In a one on one session, or in a group setting, we can explore these themes and work together to create a ritual that can bring closure, a sense of peace, or brings clarity about the next step on your healing journey.

Grief rituals do not replace grief or bereavement counselling. They are a good addition to other healing modalities.

Upcoming Workshop Date and Time TBA

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