Workshop: How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

The word “Legacy” often relates to money. Legacy is also defined as: “something that someone has achieved that continues to exist after they stop working or die.”[1]

In this context, this workshop will explore themes to help us get in touch with what our legacy is, or is yet to be discovered.

Your life has had an impact on others, in ways you may never know about. It could have been:

  • a personal story you shared with a friend of a struggle and how you overcame it
  • that you could be counted on no matter what because you always knew what to do
  • an idea that got implemented at work that improved things for everyone
  • volunteer work you did for your favorite charity
  • a smile that brightened up someone’s day or an act of kindness that got passed on

“As a Funeral Celebrant, it has become clear to me, based on my research, that one of the biggest fears someone in the active stage of dying has, is wondering if their life has had meaning. This workshop is for those who want to explore the meaning in their lives and to celebrate you and your legacy while you are still very much alive. You will come away with more clarity about how you want to be remembered.”

Upcoming Workshop Date and Time TBA


[1] MacMillian dictionary ( accessed June 27, 2016

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